About us

Birregurra Estate Olives began in 1999, when we found the perfect paddock on Birregurra's rich soils in Victoria's western district.

Once the land was secured, planting began and the dream became real. Four and a half thousand olive trees have since been planted. Most of them are Kalamata and they have been producing a continually increasing crop of delicious olives ever since.

The olives are pickled on the property in a purpose built kitchen. Traditional recipes are used to process all our varieties of olives including, Kalamata, Italian-style black and green, ‘mini Kalamata,' and Ligurian. We also make delicious tapenades.

We also produce first cold pressed, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, which has the clean, grassy aroma and flavor only this kind of oil can have. Once you have had it, you'll never go back.

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Birregurra Estate Olives brochure


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